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Styczeń 2011
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1 Styczeń
Aiera - Aiera [Blue Soho]

2 Styczeń
Matthew Vertino - Future [Soundwaves]

3 Styczeń
Tucandeo - Lockdown [Coldharbour]
DNS Project - Second Chapter [Coldharbour]
Magentax feat. Cat Martin - Chained To Me [Kill The Lights]

4 Styczeń
Crusada - Static Movement [Deep Forest]
Markus Schulz - Coldharbour Selections Part 25 [Coldharbour Recordings]
Andy Power feat. Alina Feldman - Without You [Pure Magic Recordings]
Mike Saint-Jules presents Saint X - Burning Spear [Mondo Records]
Tigran Oganezov - Flashback [High Contrast Nu Breed]
Ronald de Foe - This Is My Way [Music En Route]
DJ Governor - Shades Of Grey/Pale Memories [Armind]
Sean Tyas - Banshee [ASOT]
Cosmic Gate Feat Jan Johnston-Raging (Remixes) [Black Hole Recordings]
Lisa Lashes - 12 Hours In Brixton / Bring On In [Discover Dark]
Shogun feat. Emma Lock - Run to My Rescue [S107]
Ian Solano - Imperative / Class Of 97 [Couture]
Carlos - Guitaro [Oxygen]
Vitodito - Cherries [Neuroscience Recordings]
Ali Wilson & Matt Smallwood - Morph [Doorn Records]

5 Styczeń
Hiroyuki ODA - Submarine [Otographic Records]
Simon O'Shine - Anya / Miss You [Defcon]

6 Styczeń
Mike Danis - 365 [Aleph]

7 Styczeń
Tomcraft - A Place Called Soul [Zouk Recordings]
Carlo Calabro - True Red/Fake Red [Captivate Records]
Michael Dow - Emerald [Drizzly Records]

10 Styczeń
Sied van Riel - Mentalism [Reset]
Inge Lemon - Starchild [Soundpiercing]
Solid Globe - North Pole (2010 Remixes) [Subculture]
Heatbeat feat. Jeza - Light Up [Captivating Sounds]
Paul Miller vs SaJ present MillerMachine - MillerMachine E.P. [Music En Route]
Arty - Zara [Anjunabeats]
Various Artists - Winter Sampler [Crystal Source Recordings]
MALU - Intracloud [Unearthed Records]
Vadim Dreamer - Amsterdam [Iji Recordings]
Marc Simz - Delusory Hopes [In Trance We Trust]
Stuart Donaghy & Sam Bowles - Cirrus [2 Play]

11 Styczeń
Avalona - Beachbreeze [Redux Recordings]
Rodrigo Deem - Miss You Friend [2 Play]
Garry Heaney - Rockstar Draft [Liquid]
Shy Brothers - Can't Let Go [Tone Diary]
Mallorca Lee & Sam Starr - Netwerk [Fraction Records]
Mike Foyle pres. Statica - Sundown/Headrush [Coldharbour]
Second Sine - Mafia [Vendace Records]
Culture Groove - You Got Me So Hot [Big Time International]
Schodt & Sundriver feat. Aida Fenhel - Here With Me [Silk Royal Records]

13 Styczeń
Burak Dinc - Endless Dreams [Anatolian Deep]
Russo - Digital Boy Analog Girl [Musical Madness]
Sebastian Weikum - Meisei [Aleph]

17 Styczeń
Markus Schulz - Future Cities (Transmission 2010 Theme) [Coldharbour]
Myon & Shane 54 - International Departures [Armind]
Nuera - Breathing / Green Cape Sunset / Inspiration [Magic Island Records]
Abstract Vision & Elite Electronic - Sophia [Nu-Depth Digital]
2trancY - Supernal Angels [Crystal Source Recordings]
Andrew Rayel - Aether [Timeline Music]
A.R.D.I. - Landscape [Harmonic Breeze]
Fabio XB - Reflected [ASOT]
Cliff Coenraad - Booty Slam [High Contrast Recordings]
Sonic Element - Away Without You [Borderline Records]
Dave202 - Coming Home [High Contrast Nu Breed]
Altima - Symphony EP [LiftedSounds Records]
Redstar - Universification [Digital Society Recordings / DS-R (Enhanced Music)]
Spark7 - Lightness [ASK4 Records]
Super8 & Tab feat. Julie Thompson - My Enemy [Anjunabeats]
Killswitch & Kelly Jay - Carpe Diem [Musical Madness]
EDU pres Time Traveler - Only Beats That MatterFla [FLashover]

18 Styczeń
Judge Jules - The Greater Good [Reset]
Michael Cassette - Memories [Anjunadeep]
Dave Nadz & LeBlanc - Distraction [Connective Sounds]
RAM3 - Road To Bliss [Redlix Red]
Adrian Covaci - Faith [Redux Recordings]
Oliver Prime - Eye Searching / Water Rise [JOOF Recordings]
SPX - Straight To The Point [Hook Recordings]

21 Styczeń
Blueye - Feelings [4Beat]
Neshi Futuro - Things

22 Styczeń
Sun State - Lux In Tenebris [Lux In Tenebris]

24 Styczeń
Stonevalley - Alcatraz [Enhanced Recordings]
Mat Zo - Back In Time / Millenia [Anjunabeats]
Johan Curtain - Through Thorns To Stars [Unearthed Records]
Simon Patterson - Mood Swing [Reset]
Nash & Pepper - Aftersun / Killed The Love [Soundpiercing]
Matt Lange - Antithesis / Disintegrate [Electronic Elements]
Dash Berlin Feat. Emma Hewitt - Disarm Yourself [Aropa Records]
Daniel Kandi pres. 215 Aces - Promised [Always Alive]
Norland - Cloudwalking [Silent Shore Records]
Soundprank - The Far Side/Cloudsound [Anjunadeep]
First State ft. Sarah Howells - Reverie [Black Hole]
Robert Nickson & Thomas Datt - Godless [Re*Brand]
Peter Lesko - Homerun [Alter Ego Digital]
Ali Wilson & Lee Osborne - Sonar/Flash [High Contrast]
Daniel Wanrooy & RenĂŠ Havelaar - Emerald [High Contrast Nu Breed]
The King & The Thief - The Blacksmith [S107 Records]
Matthew Nagle - Smile First [2Play]
Lisa Lashes - Emotions [Musical Madness]
Cosmic Gate - Back To Earth [Black Hole Recordings]
Axel Karakasis - Torpedo [Sabotage Records]
Leven Mervox - Alikva [Stoneflow Records]

25 Styczeń
Hemstock & Jennings - Mirage (Of Hope) [Liquid]

27 Styczeń
Tucandeo feat. Jennifer Hershman - Only We Know [Infrasonic Progressive]
Jasper Forks - Alone [Zouk]

29 Styczeń
James Sullivan – Reflection [NuZone Gears]

31 Styczeń
Pobsky - Dark Cloud [Spellbinding Records]
Mr Pit - Stamina / Overload [Coldharbour]
Abstract Vision & Elite Electronic - Echoes [Enhanced Progressive]
Andy Tau - By Your Side [Infrasonic Recordings]
Sindre Eide - Movements [Enhanced Recordings]
Orjan Nilsen - Go Fast! [Captivating Sounds]
Ilya Soloviev - Mercury [ASOT]
Den Rize & Mark Andrez - Naiad [FSOE]
Orjan Nilsen - Agnus [Armind]
Cylum & Velden - Lost Spirit [Edge Recordings]
Roger Shah - Lay Down / Eden [Magic Island]
Audien & Griff O'Neill - Nightfall/Daybreak
Running Man pres. Fifth Dimension - Open Your Eyes/Don't Say Goodbye E.P [Infrasonic Future]
Sergey Shabanov - One Step/Overtime [Crystal Source Recordings]
Vitodito & Soulforge - Ancient Whisper [Harmonic Breeze]
Poshout - Lonely [Enhanced]
Edu & Cramp - Silver Sand [Anjunabeats]
Moonbeam - Breathless [Hole Recordings]
Moonbeam feat. Avis Vox - Star Way [Black Hole]
Dave Deen - Killer Worms [Silent Shore Records]
Richard Durand feat. Ellie Lawson - Wide Awake [Magik Muzik]
Evol Wavez - Pull Over/Lotus [Reset]
James Allan & Jamie Drummond - Counterpoint [2 Play]
Ronski Speed pres. Sun Decade - I'm Alone 2011 [Euphonic]


7 Styczeń
John O'Callaghan - Collected Works 2005-2010 [Armada Music]

24 Styczeń
Cosmic Gate - Back2TheFuture (Remixed) [Blake Hole Recordings]


3 Styczeń
Enhanced Best Of 2010 Yearmix (Mixed by Will Holland) [Enhanced Recordings]

17 Styczeń
10 Years Of Anjunabeats [Anjunabeats]

28 Styczeń
Sean Tyas - Tytanium Sessions Alpha [Armada]
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