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Luty 2016
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Wysłany: 05-02-2016, 12:08  Luty 2016


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1 Luty
Allen & Envy and Andy Elliass feat. Natalie Gioia - In Love [Grotesque]
Anden State - Lena [Alter Ego]
Andy Moor - Resurrection (Indecent Noise Remix) [AVA]
Another World & Markus Wilkinson feat. Mhyst - On Polished Rails [D.MAX]
Anske - Epika EP [Coldharbour]
Benjani - Pulsar [Spellbinding]
Biotones & Damon Rush - Sky High [White Soho]
Daniel Camarillo - Illuminati Sacrifice [Mystic Carousel]
Dennis Pedersen - Solitude [Elliptical Sun Energies]
Duncan Newell & Lee Van Willem - Whitechapel [Touchstone]
Eimear - Love Is Freedom / Above The Stars [Alter Ego Progressive]
Gordey Tsukanov - Stray Bullet [Vasilek]
Highlight Tribe - Free Tibet (Vini Vici Remix) [Iboga]
illitheas & Johannes Fischer - Tears Of Hope [Abora]
Jonas Hornblad - Nothing But Life [Cloudland Music]
Madwave - Synergy Anthem (2016 Remake) [High Contrast]
Matt Holliday - Civilization [JOOF Aura]
Miroslav Vrlik & Andre Visior - Mental Effect [Monster Pure]
Ronski Speed feat. Arielle Maren - Fall Into The Tides [Maracaido]
Sky Sound - Cold Skies [Discover White Label]
Somna & Amy Kirkpatrick - Volcano [GO On Air]
Stargazers & Cynthia Hall - Scattered Pieces [Amsterdam Trance]
Steiss - Ella y el Sol EP [OLD SQL]
Steven Force - Heroes [Trance All-Stars]
Stoneface & Terminal & Neev Kennedy - Lost [RazNitzanMusic]
Techtower - Snowtown EP [Electronic Tree]
Vintage & Morelli - Daydream [Silk Music]

2 Luty
Asprai & Sollito - Wasteland [Elliptical Sun Platinum]
Flowjob - Less Talk More Flowers E.P [Iboga]

3 Luty
Talamanca - Believe EP [Elliptical Sun Melodies]

4 Luty
Cold Side Player - Follow EP [Mystic Carousel]

5 Luty
Armin van Buuren feat. Kensington - Heading Up High (Remixes) [Armada]
Assaf & Jeremy Vancaulart - Citadel [Black Sunset Music]
Avao - Inception [Lange]
Ciaran McAuley - Moments Like These [Digital Society]
Cold Rush & Mhammed El Alami - Aviana [Always Alive]
Digital X - Trigger / Avenger [ASOT]
Driftmoon - Moving The Mountains [WAO138]
Eximinds - Archaea [Suanda Music]
Lost Days - The Distance EP [OLD SQL]
UCast - Blackout [Future Sound of Egypt]

8 Luty
Alex M.O.R.P.H. & Liquid Soul - The Journey [Universal Nation]
Alex Morelli - Between My Thoughts [Addictive Sounds]
Allan Morrow - Relucent [Mental Asylum]
Allen Watts - Flashback [Monster Force]
Alter Future pres. Legolas High - Surfing / Wave EP [Vasilek]
Andre Sobota - People [Perfecto Black]
Andy Elliass & George Boston - Gravity [Blue Soho]
Beat Service & Sarah Russell - Would You [RazNitzanMusic]
Dennis Sheperd & Katty Heath - Where I Begin (The Remixes) [Pure Energy]
Dimension - Mangata [Flashover]
Enmax - Source of Light [Massive Trance]
Facepalm - Elizadeath [Saturate Audio]
Ilya Morozov - Our Age [Trance All-Stars]
Jedmar - Never Stop Dreaming [Sundance]
Jochen Miller - Viper [Armada Trice]
Kaimo K - Conquer [Amsterdam Trance]
Lostly - Coffin Corner / Dance With the Devil [Outburst]
M.I.K.E. Push - Modus [Coldharbour]
Myon & Shane 54 feat. Haley - Round We Go [Ride]
Platunoff & Evgeny Lebedev - After The Rain [Sunstate]
Rene Ablaze & Skyvol - Long Way [Redux]
Robert Vadney - Broken Home [Edge EDM]
Solarstone & Basil O'Glue - Infatuation [Pure Trance]
Type 41 - Hope Lies Beyond [Ennovate Music]
Ula - On Her Behalf [Beyond The Stars]
Various Artists - Sound Of State Volume 2 [Infrasonic]
Vitodito feat. Ai Takekawa - Koori (Remixes) [Encanta]
Yahel - Open Your Mind (Remixes) [Abora]

11 Luty
DJ Nightnoise - Constant Shadow EP [Mysic Carousel]
Tuneflux - Frail Devotion [Pulsar]

12 Luty
Above & Beyond - A.I. [Anjunabeats]
Corti Organ - Half Life [ASOT]
Daniel Kandi - Number One [Always Alive]
Estiva feat. Adara - Spark [Enhanced Progressive]
Kayosa & Tolland feat. Matt Noland - Mount Sinai [Future Sound of Egypt]
Kyau & Albert - 20 Years - EP#1 [Euphonic]
LTN pres. Blue Ghost - Toss & Turn [FSOE Excelsior]
Sean Tyas - Reach Out (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix) [WAO138]

14 Luty
Seawaves - Valentine [Mango Alley]
DRYM - Love [Armada Captivating]

15 Luty
4 Strings & Carol Lee - Emotions Away [RazNitzanMusic]
Ahmed Romel & Amir Hussain - Serenita [Blue Soho]
A.R.D.I. & Allam - Braveheart [Promind]
Artifi - Yoloko [D.MAX]
Christos Fourkis - Late At Night [Mistique Music]
Craft Integrated - Plunge Into Darkness [White Soho]
Darren Tate - Exhale [Mondo]
Davey Asprey - Nethersphere [Kearnage]
DeepForestSide & Deniz M - Awareness EP [Mystic Carousel]
Dreamy feat. Dee Dee - In My Heart [Amsterdam Trance]
Emanuele Congeddu - Lovers [Monster Force]
Evgeny Lebedev - My Melancholy [Electronic Tree]
Funkagenda - Aphonia - Part 1 [UltraViolet Music]
Gai Barone - When In June [Bonzai Progressive]
Gordey Tsukanov - Far Away But Close [Spellbinding]
Gundamea - Vision Board [Electric Department]
Hazem Beltagui - The Melomane [Crossings]
Hoyaa & Joakim Sjoberg - Deep Ocean [Trance All-Stars]
Jamie Baggotts - New Wave / Eden [Pure Trance]
Jardin Owens - Mixed Emotions [Tangled Audio]
Jonathan Carvajal, Andres Sanchez & Duncan Newell pres. The Three Amigos - Engage [Blue Soho]
Ledo - Far From Here EP [Sunset Melodies]
Max Graham - End Beginning [Cycles]
Mike Saint-Jules & Amy Kirkpatrick - Galaxy [AVA]
Oldfix - Night City [Entrance Music]
Pedersen & Farid - Going Back (The Remixes) [Elliptical Sun Energies]
RAM feat. Kim Kiona - Miss You [Grotesque]
Richard Durand - Coca [Damaged]
Satinka - Kweo Kachina EP [JOOF Mantra]
Sied van Riel & ReOrder - S.L.A.P. [Rielism]
Skylex - Fire Kingdom [In Trance We Trust]
Steve Ness - As The Memories Flow EP [Massive Harmony]
Ultimate - Amulet [Infrasonic Pure]

17 Luty
Goda Brother - DOMA EP [OLD SQL]
James Woods - Warm Wind EP[Elliptical Sun Melodies]

18 Luty
Glenn Molloy - Circullator EP [Mystic Carousel]
Platunoff & Evgeny Lebedev - After The Rain [Sunstate]

19 Luty
Aitra - Out Of This World [Black Sunset Music]
Ben Gold & Standerwick - Vindicta [ASOT]
Betsie Larkin - We Are The Sound (Remixes) [Magik Muzik]
Chris Schweizer - Scorpion [WAO138]
Danny Chen - Dawn [Statement]
Eximinds & Aimoon - Stratosphere [FSOE Excelsior]
Gareth Emery feat. Wayward Daughter - Reckless [Garuda]
Genix & Sunny Lax - Black Water / Seven [Anjunabeats]
Guy J - Octavia / Release Me [Lost & Found]
Lewis Duggleby & Mark Landragin - Rotation [Digital Society]
Matt Bowdidge - The Calling [FSOE]
Paul van Dyk & Farhad Mahdavi feat. Sue McLaren - Together Again [Ultra]
Super8 & Tab - Moonbow [Armind]
Svyat Maltsev - Dnipro [Monster Force]
Way Out West - Tuesday Maybe [Anjunadeep]
Will Atkinson - Subconscious [Subculture]

22 Luty
Aelyn - Give Love A Try [Sir Adrian]
Allen & Envy and Allen Watts - Vega (Remixes) [Together]
A.M.R - Time Lapse / World Without Colour [Alter Ego Progressive]
Arkham Knights - Legacy [Coldharbour]
Art Of Trance - Ultrafoxx [Platipus]
Cold Blue - Poseidon [Outburst]
Denis Kenzo & Cari - #TheValue! [How Trance Works]
Dezza - Brit / Hello [Silk]
Elisbert - Storm Chasing [Mistique]
Evgeny Lebedev - Question Of Time (Remixes) [Addictive Sounds]
Grace - Not Over Yet (The 2016 Remixes Part 1) [Perfecto]
Insert Name - Diapasons [JOOF Aura]
Krzysztof Chochlow - Release (Chris Porter Remix) [Mental Asylum]
Manuel Le Saux & Astuni - Apocalypse [GO On Air]
Mart Sine feat. Angel Falls - Don't Turn Away [Trance All-Stars]
Matt Holliday & Manu Riga pres. Long Garden Avenue - Lovelight EP [Bonzai Progressive]
Meridian - Shifter (Moonsouls Remix) [Infrasonic Gold]
M.I.K.E. Push - Chiffon [High Contrast]
Mike Saint-Jules & Amy Kirkpatrick - Galaxy (The Remixes) [AVA]
Mino Safy & Nicola Maddaloni - Speranza [Essentializm]
Mystery Islands feat. Jennifer Seeker - Moments Like These [Blue Soho]
Naden - Myr / Sjofarer [Saturate Audio]
Nick V - Crimea [Abora]
Robert Nickson pres. RNX - Colorado [Pure Trance]
Sagar Dawani - The Essence Of Waiting [Flashover Trance]
Soulaiman Zoubir - Random Destiny EP [Massive Harmony]
Yuri Kane & Ana Criado - Running Wild [RNM]

23 Luty
Chris Oblivion - Be A Wonder [Old Baby]

25 Luty
Linnea Schossow feat. Kriplani - Colibri [Luxor]
Lost Days - Silhouette EP [OLD SQL]
NrkProjects - Theseus And The Minotaur EP [Mystic Carousel]

26 Luty
Ben Deeper & Andy Line - Apocalypse / Horizon [Crossings]
Bobina - Music Box [ASOT]
Eximinds & Yan Space - On Air [Digital Society]
Expectance - Night Sky [Black Sunset]
Factor B - We Rise Again [FSOE]
Heatbeat - Magical Princess Owl (Jordan Suckley Remix) [WAO138]
Ikerya Project - From Desert To Desert [Monster Pure]
Luke Bond vs CARTEL - Once More (Dan Stone Remix) [Garuda]
Oliver Smith - Mirage / Your Love [Anjunabeats]
Sollito & Seawayz - Helion / Alkyne [Always Alive]
Zenoth - Equalizer [Monster Force]

29 Luty
7:40 - Lost Memories [Big Toys production]
Aldo Henrycho - Elaine [Beyond The Stars]
Amsterdam Trance - Remixed & Revised 2016 EP [Amsterdam Trance]
Artisan & Kate Louise Smith - I Follow [Essentializm]
Chronosapien - Supernova [Elliptical Sun Energies]
Danny Stubbs & Hannah Magenta - We Are Built Of Star Stuff [Blue Soho]
Driftmoon - Waves [Tytanium]
Esthetique - 1001 Night EP [OLD SQL]
Facade - Beats For Broken Minds EP [JOOF]
Fisherman & Hawkins feat. Sir Adrian - Never The Same [Coldharbour]
Hazem Beltagui - There Is Always Hope [AVA]
Indio & Leslie Von Dees - Tellurium Cosmos EP [Mystic Carousel]
Jochen Miller - Lost Connection (Remixes) [High Contrast]
Mark Sherry meets Space Frog & Derb - Follow Me (Psyburst Mix) [Outburst]
Mbase - En Vuelo EP [Sunset Melodies]
Pavel Denisov - She Was Here [Mistique]
Pure NRG - Secret Of The Sahara [Black Hole]
RGK - Catharsis EP [Massive Harmony]
Space Raven - Hope You Remember / Nothing Glorious [Tangled Audio]
Stoneface & Terminal - Earth To Brain / Wide Awake [Perfecto Fluoro]
Talla 2XLC & Binary Finary feat. Sylvia Tosun - Believe In Everything [ITWT]
The Thrillseekers - Just Because [Adjusted]
UCast - Portal [Grotesque]
Unbeat - Human Error [Damaged]



5 Luty
Eric Prydz - Opus [Astralwerks]

8 Luty
Vintage & Morelli - My Rose Enchanted Destiny [Silk Music]

19 Luty
Sean Tyas - Degeneration [Black Hole]

26 Luty
Dennis Sheperd - Fight Your Fears (The Remixes) [Pure Energy]
Ferry Corsten - #HelloWorld [Flashover]

29 Luty
Astrix - He.Art [TBA]
Gai Barone - Towards [Afterglow]



5 Luty
Grotesque Winter Edition - Mixed by RAM & Mark Sherry [Black Hole]
Vocal Trance Hits 2016-01 [Armada]

12 Luty
Betsie Larkin pres. Larke - Angels, Humans & Robots vol.1 [Black Hole]

26 Luty
Armada Trance 100 (2016) [Armada]

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