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Luty 2015
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2 Luty
Agustin Gandino feat. Jona Prado - For You [Mondo]
Alex Di Stefano - I've Got The Power [Outburst]
Allan Morrow - Venom [Tytanium]
Andrew White - Ataraxia [Critical Uprising]
Antony Waldhorn feat. Michele C - Last Ones Standing [Driftmoon Audio]
Arisen Flame - Hyper [WAO138?!]
Arkham Knights & Harry Square - Jedi [Interstate]
Artra & Holland - Don't Say Goodbye [Redux]
Artur - Rays (Solarstone Retouch) [Pure Trance]
ASP Project feat. Tom Tyler - See The Sun, Pt. 2 [Redux Digital]
Beat Service & Loz Bridge - One Perfect Moment [Beat Service Audio]
Dennis Sheperd & Artisan - Neocortex [A Tribute To Life]
Digital X - Legioner / Valhalla [A State Of Trance]
Dimatteo - Arcade EP [Trance All-Stars]
Dreamy - Zap Cannon / Overboard [#138]
Eimear - Summer Memories EP [Alter Ego Progressive]
Emanuele Braveri - In The Universe (Remix Edition) [Condura]
Ferrin & Morris - Centurion [Transistic]
Ferry Tayle feat. Driftmoon - Geometrix [Always Alive]
Ikerya Project & Balearia - To Numidia EP [Beyond The Stars]
ilan Bluestone - Tesseract / Lighthouse [Anjunabeats]
Johan Vilborg - Dynalife [Silk Royal]
Kaimo K - Bliss [Silent Shore]
Liam Wilson - Family [Subculture]
Lostly - No Direction Home [Discover]
LTN & Ronski Speed - Lint [Maracaido]
Matt Darey - Dream Of Me EP [Nocturnal Nouveau]
Naden - Chrononaut / Echoes Forever [Saturate Audio]
Nay Jay & Zaa feat. 3PM - Magic [Cloudland]
Nivaya - 2303 [Edge EDM]
Radion6 & Neev Kennedy - Nothing Here But Goodbye [Raz Nitzan]
Richard Durand - Brotherhood [Terminal-4]
Rodrigo Deem - Helix [Enhanced Progressive]
Silence Groove & LaMeduza - Capture (The Remixes) [Macarize]
Simon Bostock - Do You Know / This Time EP [Monster Force]
Simon Templar vs. The Digital Blonde - The Wasteland [JOOF]
Solarstone - Nothing But Chemistry Here [Pure Trance]
Sollito - Introvert / Extrovert [Elliptical Sun]
Space Raven - Epigram For Krystel [Tangled Audio]
Svenson & Gielen - Twisted (Jorn van Deynhoven Remix) [High Contrast]
Tomas Heredia - Rivals [#Goldrush]
TrancEye - Two Different Worlds [Redux]
UDM - Light Waves [Veritas]
Ultimate feat. Irina Makosh - Something Going On [Infrasonic]
WALD feat. Diana Miro - Eagles [Above All]
Will Atkinson pres. Josep - With Light [Critical Fusion]

3 Luty
Cosmithex - Enigma EP [OLD SQL]
Samio Rox - Better Day EP [Colorize]

8 Luty
Ruslan Device - Helga [Soul Waves]

9 Luty
Aimoon feat. Eva Kade - Another Way [White Soho]
Alex Tasty - You Stay [Redux Red]
Allende pres. Magnetic Flux - Missing Pieces EP [Spring Tube]
Andrew MacTire - Appeasement [Silent Shore]
Anima feat. Liv - It's Alright [In Sessions]
Ariel & Danilo - Gardream [Lange]
Armin van Buuren - Save My Night (Andrew Rayel Remix) [Armind]
Aurosonic & Frainbreeze and Katty Heath - All I Need (Suncatcher Remix) [How Trance Works]
Basil O'Glue - Will To Believe [Saturate Audio]
Beatsole - Waterfront [Magic Trance]
BluSkay & KeyPlayer - Chasing Sunshine [Blue Soho]
Bruce Cullen - Skyscraper [Flashover Trance]
Coldharbour Selections Part 38 [Coldharbour]
Cosmic Gate - Yai [Wake Your Mind]
Dan Chase feat. Danny Claire - All We Are (Remixed) [Black Sunset]
Davey Asprey - Anunnaki [Monster Pure]
Derek Palmer - Sands f Time [Levitated]
Driftmoon - D.R.O.P. [ASOT]
Fabio XB & Liuck feat. Christina Novelli - Step Into The Light [Digital Society]
Fortun - Trip To Taipei [Elliptical Sun]
Hands On Indecent Noise EP [Mental Asylum]
Husman - V.I.P. [Armada Trice]
Ikerya Project - Survivor [Entrance]
Jedmar - Endurance / Disable Thinking [Tangled Audio]
Kamil Esten - Midnight [Alter Ego]
Li-ion feat. Plutian - Starless Seaside [Trance Union]
LTN & Kokai pres. Omickron - Lazy Sunday / Ibiza Sunset [Statement!]
Madwave - Yukatan [Grotesque]
Nathia Kate feat. Carina - Skyline [Suanda]
Passenger 75 - Isolation [Captured]
Philthy Chit - Colours (Fady & Mina Remix) [Touchstone]
Ramon Vincent & Denise Rivera - Life Happens [Essentializm]
Rene Ablaze & Jam Da Bass - Fly [Redux]
Rick Pier O'Neil - Rool Into The World [J00F]
Robin Hagglund - Oxygen [Bolted]
Same K - For You (Above & Beyond Edit) [Anjunabeats]
Sauruua - You're My Angel [Soul Waves Music]
Snow Flakes - Feel [Alter Ego Progressive]
Soren Andrews - Lost My Way EP [Pineapple Digital]
Spintribe - BK41 [JOOF V.2]
Suncatcher - Transylvania Cowgirl [Always Alive]
Suonare - Jump by Yourself / So Far Away [Alltum]
Tomac feat. Lokka Vox - Black Moon [InfraProgressive]
U-Mount & Surround - Never Come Back [Club Family]
Ula - Enigmas of the Mystical [Entrance]

10 Luty
Paul van Dyk with Aly & Fila feat. Sue McLaren - Guardian (The Remixes) [Ultra]
Sound Quelle - Piece of Cake (Remixes) [Silk Digital]

11 Luty
Eimear - Crossing Stars EP [Sunset Melodies]
Solid Stone feat. Jennifer Rene - Not Enough (Remixes) [Re*Brand]

13 Luty
Alexandre Bergheau - Concorde [FSOE Excelsior]
Armin van Buuren pres. Rising Star feat. Betsie Larkin - Safe Inside You [Armind]

15 Luty
SoundLift - Sunlight EP [Natura]

16 Luty
2Rock & Zarex - Eternal Power [2Rock]
Airbase - Panache Remix EP [Flashover Trance]
Akkiles - Resurrection [#138]
Alan Morris & Sarah Russell - Two Ships [How Trance Works]
Allen & Envy and Jo Cartwright - Without It [Amsterdam Trance]
Andy Wide - Naya / Splash [Alter Ego Progressive]
Artur - Rays [Pure Trance]
Aruna - The End (Husman vs. Aruna Club Mix) [Enhanced]
Chris Cortez - Uma [Alter Ego]
Corti Organ - Butterfly [ASOT]
Dan Dobson & Hiddenagenda - Bushido [Interstate]
Daniel Skyver & UDM - Resonate [Tytanium]
Danny Stubbs - The View from Apollo [Empress]
Dark Fusion feat. Amy Kirkpatrick - I Just Close My Eyes [Trance Family]
Dmitry Lomakin pres. Ultimate - Memoirs [Suanda]
Johan Ekman feat. Michele C - Be Your Home [In Trance We Trust]
John Dopping - The Truth [Research & Development]
Jordan Suckley - Droid [Damaged]
Liam Wilson - Escarpins (Will Rees Remix) [Critical State]
Mark L - F**king Gateway Timeout [Fraction]
Markus Schulz & Tom Boxer - Bine Facut (Bucharest) [Coldharbour]
Matt Holliday - New Leaf [GO On Air]
Maximal - Subject Lost [Redux 138]
Miika Kuisma & Luminescent - Wave Of Life [JOOF]
Miroslav Vrlik - All The Way [Infrasonic Pure]
Nick Karsten - Swinger [Always Alive]
Quincy Weigert - Limits Of Blue [Mondo]
ReOrder & First Effect - Seriously [Monster Force]
Sam Davies - Nightmist / Blue Dream [Macarize]
Saturate Audio Immersed - Sampler 2 [Saturate Audio]
Scenica - White Light EP [Synchronized Melodies]
Winter Selections 01 [Silk Royal]
Solis & Sean Truby - Best Of Collection Remixed, Pt. 1 [Infrasonic]
Splattered Implant & Zyrus 7 - Brainstorm [Critical Overload]
Stream Noize - Equilibrium [Trance All-Stars]
Sub Question - Rush Hour [Elliptical Sun]
Super8 & Tab with 7 Skies - Rubicon (The Remixes) [Anjunabeats]
The Thrillseekers - Find You (Competition Remixes) [Adjusted Music]
Tim Penner feat. Amber Long - Everything To Everyone [Afterglow]
UDM - Balearic Dream [Beyond The Stars]
UDM - Inspirational / Radiance [Tangled Audio]
Various Artists - Bursting Out Volume 2 [Outburst]

17 Luty
Neelix - Human EP [Spin Twist]

20 Luty
Dan Stone - Shiki [FSOE]
Protoculture - Pegasus [Armada Captivating]

22 Luty
Skyvol - Neptune EP [Soul Waves]

23 Luty
Acid Test - Soul Burner [Mental Asylum]
Aimoon & Ma2shek - Skyline [Digital Society]
Alexander Turok & Neev Kennedy - Be The Light (The Remixes) [How Trance Works]
Alexey Selin - White Crystal (Allen & Envy Remix) [Pure Trance]
Amir Hussain - Riffa [Spellbinding]
Andrew Rayel feat. Christian Burns - Miracles [Armind]
Artra & Holland - Hymn Of The Airplanes [Silent Shore]
Assaf & Dan Chase - Delos [Black Sunset]
Chris Cortez - Electric Feel / Kamui EP [High Contrast]
Dani Avramov - Positive X [Elliptical Sun]
Daniel Lesden - Life Simulation EP [JOOF]
Daniel Loubscher - Crossroads / The Journey [Alter Ego]
Davey Asprey - Blackout [Nu Depth]
David Rust - Cypher [Tangled Audio]
DRYM vs. Solis & Sean Truby - Hello Earth [#Goldrush]\
Emanuele Braveri & Hanna Finsen - Your Land [Amsterdam Trance]
Enviro - Surrounded By Rhythm / Tervan [Alter Ego Progressive]
FeelyGranix - Cassiopeia [Club Family]
Ferry Corsten - #HelloWorld E.P. Part 1 [Flashover]
Frank Waanders - Senggigi [Always Alive]
Future Disciple - The Mayans Are Coming Back / Gold Sweepers [Perfecto Fluoro]
James Kelly - The Next Level [Extrema Global Music]
Jason Ross - Cairo [Anjunabeats]
Kago Pengchi - Cynical Orange [Enhanced Progressive]
Marcelo Vasami - Micro Diamond (Remixed) [Soundteller]
Mark Sherry - The Pillars Of Creation [Subculture]
Mark Sherry vs. Dr Willis - Here Come the Drums (Remixes) [Techburst]
Markus Schulz feat. Lady V - Winter Kills Me (The Remixes) [Coldharbour]
Matthew Peterson & Tomas TMX - Quant [Darkpload Deep]
Melodic Treasure EP [Beyond The Stars]
Mhammed El Alami - Arrivals [Ennovate]
Mike Sanders - Vanilla / NES [Levitated]
Mino Safy - Absolution [Trance Family]
Miroslav Vrlik - Chords / Rhythm Of The Guitar [Arrival]
Misja Helsloot feat. Alex Staltari - Inevitable [In Trance We Trust]
Mobil - Colours of Life / Outer Space [Vendace]
Nic Chagall feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn - This Time [Wake Your Mind]
Pierre Pienaar - Hurricane [Above All]
Rodg - Disconnect Me [Statement!]
Roman Messer - Cheboksary (The Remixes) [Suanda]
Rospy - Boundless Love [Trance All-Stars]
Shogun - City Of Angels (UCast Remix) [Monster Pure]
Stevy Forello - Heroes [Cloudland]
Stoneface & Terminal and Katty Heath - Love Sublime [Raz Nitzan Music]
Styller - Not Over Yet / The Envelope [Saturate]
Thomas Datt - Prana Flow [Damaged]
Tiesto feat. Christian Burns - In The Dark (2015 Remixes) [Magik Muzik]
Tomas Heredia - Oculus [ASOT]
U-Mount - Feeling Good [Redux]
Ummet Ozcan - Kensei [Spinnin']

24 Luty
Bloodhound Gang - Dimes (Sean Tyas Remix) [Jimmy Franks]

25 Luty
Andrew Rayel feat. Christian Burns - Miracles [Armind]

26 Luty
Luigi Lusini - Tranceggiando [The Clubbers]

27 Luty
Alexander Popov - Multiverse [Armind]
Bjorn Akesson - Astro [FSOE Excelsior]
Talla 2XLC feat. Skysurfer - Terra Australis (2015 Remixes) [Tetsuo]



10 Luty
Gareth Emery - Drive Refueled [Garuda]

13 Luty
Kyau & Albert - Distant Lights [Euphonic]

16 Luty
Atlantis Ocean - Starship Atlantis [Majestic Family]

23 Luty
Lostly - No Direction Home [Discover]



16 Luty
We Are Friends: Volume 3 [mau5trap]

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