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Przesunięty przez: Carl van Gander
31-12-2014, 13:51
Grudzień 2014
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1 Grudzień
2nd Phase - Breach / Horrified [Outburst]
Ace Ventura & Lish - The Light (Astrix Remix) [Iboga]
Ahmed Romel - Mysterious Orient [Blue Soho]
Allen & Envy with Linnea Schossow - Unseparated [Vandit]
Andrew StetS feat. Soncesvit - Bulawa [Synergy]
Angelique - Being [Above All]
Ben Nicky & Standerwick - Drop [Who's Afraid of 138?!]
Ben Stone - Airflow [Redux Red]
Breame & Jack Vath - Sweet Ordeal [Always Alive]
Chris Cortez - Kyomi [Fraction]
Christopher Lawrence & Jonathan Allyn - The Human Element [Pharmacy]
Craig Connelly - X [Black Hole]
Dreamy - Defender [Monster Force]
Frank Dattilo - Don't Forget Me [Trancendental]
Harry Square - Elephant In The Room [Interstate]
Headstrong feat. Signe G - Let Me Be The One [Sola]
IRA & Ana Criado - Help Me Find [Adrian & Raz]
Joze Linecker - Orca [Beyond The Stars]
JUXIE feat. Emma Piitulainen - Without You [Magic Island]
Kristy Jay - Recollections [Silent Shore]
Lange & Susana - Risk Worth Taking (Adam Ellis Remix) [Lange]
M3R-T - Breathtaking [Trancer]
Mark Nails & Miroslav Vrlik - Believe In You [Alter Ego Progressive]
Markus Schulz feat. Lady V - Winter Kills Me [Coldharbour]
Matt Eray - Nocturnal Nightmares [Digital Society]
Matthew Peterson - Ghostwhispers / Aether Airlines [Saturate Audio]
Meridian & Vidoven with Tiff Lacey - Phoenix [Infrasonic]
Miroslav Vrlik & ReOrder - Parallels [Monster Pure]
Montends - Torn Apart [Mondo]
Myde - Canvas [Redux 138]
Nick Callan - Spring Force [Tool Trance]
Nuera - Centum [Enhanced Progressive]
Orbion Remix Series - Vol 3 [Alter Ego]
Pablo Cetrini - Pleasure [Mistique Music]
Radion6 & Katty Heath - Beautiful Nothing [Raz Nitzan]
RF & BMat feat. Mario B - The Prologue [Inspectrum]
Robbie Seed - Susanoo [Vital Soho]
Ron Hagen & A.R.D.I. feat. Sarah Lynn - Gold In The Sky [How Trance Works]
Sick Individuals - Wasting Moonlight (Remixes) [Armada Music]
Simon O'Shine - Into The Unknown [AudioResearch]
Skyvol - Brazil [Redux]
Steven Brooks - The Venture [Critical State]
Tangle - Another Day [Tangled Audio]
Three Faces & Christian Zechner - Lost In Time [Suanda]
Tolga Uzulmez - Serenade [Trance All-Stars]
Tommy Johnson - We Are Victorious [A State Of Trance]
Type 41 - The Wanderer [Critical Uprising]
Vincenzo & Florian Kruse - All About You (The Remixes) [Anjunadeep]
Vintage & Morelli - Tsukiakari Ame [Arrival]
Vlad Varel - The Venue [Club Family]

2 Grudzień
Kevin Crowley - Close Encounters / Exploration [Defcon]
LOOPer feat. Andy Wooding - All We Are [Silk Digital]
Yahel & Activa - Samsana [Iboga]

4 Grudzień
EPIC - Bend The Law EP [Spin Twist]
Linemoon - Sakura [Ellliptical Sun]

5 Grudzień
Drama - Lemon, Purple and the OG / Collegeville [Flux Delux]
Emanuele Braveri feat. Marcia Juell - Moments [Redux]
Hazem Beltagui - Hyperion / Sticks & Stones [FSOE Excelsior]
Mindwave - Gaia E.P [TechSafari]
Pinkque - Reborn [Extrema Global Music]
Project 8 - Remember The Titan / Relentless [Discover Dark]

8 Grudzień
A & Z vs. Dreamy - Assault [Blue Soho]
Alex Di Stefano - Black Panther EP [J00F]
Allen Watts - Fallen [Defcon]
Allen Watts & Mike van Fabio - Velvet Blue [Edge EDM]
Ariel & Danilo - Profligacy [Lange]
Ark Planet - Distant E.P. [Suanda]
A.Squared - Overseas [Colorize]
Bariuz & ExoSun - Akinya [Sir Adrian]
Beckwith feat. Natalie Conway - Take Me Home [Anjunadeep]
Ben Gold - Atomic [#Goldrush]
Betsie Larkin & Andy Moor - Not Afraid (Remixes Part 2) [AVA]
BluSkay - A Smile To Remember [Alter Ego]
Chris Johnson - Journey Man EP [Particles]
Claus Backslash - Starfire [Redux Red]
Dash Berlin feat. Roxanne Emery - Shelter (Remixes) [Armind]
Davey Asprey - Chimera (Liam Wilson Remix) [Monster Force]
Dreamy - Taiki [Critical Uprising]
EDU - Alive [Monster Pure]
Farhad Mahdavi & A&S - Save The Night [Trance All-Stars]
Florin Silviu - Funky [Alter Ego Progressive]
Gordon Coutts - Reflux [Fraction]
Ikerya Project - Old Is Gold [Synchronized Melodies]
Inpetto feat. Bryan Finlay - Never Too Late [Dirty Soul Music]
Jeremy Vancaulart - To The Edge [Black Sunset]
Joer van Ray - 1988 / Yekaterinburg [Beyond The Stars]
Johnny Norberg - Free [Silk Royal]
Johnny Yono - Pulverize [Damaged]
Kerris feat. Sally Jane Corlett - You Were Waiting [Redux]
Klauss Goulart - RipOff [Synchronized]
Konektiv - Kilometros / Traumschiff [Saturate Audio]
Lezcano - Hunter Of Night [Mistique Music]
Luke Terry - Starburst / Midnight / Laniakea [Amsterdam Trance]
Mac & Monday - Raysa [Borderline]
Masoud feat. Melissa Loretta - Best Days [Statement!]
Matt Chowski - Soundscape [Always Alive]
M.I.K.E. Push - Guardians Of The Deep [Coldharbour]
Mosahar - Dancing Dragon / You Name It [Redux]
Odonbat - Akira [Digitized]
Onova - Aurora [WAO138?!]
Paul Miller - Plick Plack [Vandit]
Peter Santos - Under The Same Sky (Aly & Fila Remix) [GO On Air]
Sied van Riel vs. Standerwick - In A Perfect World (Pure Mix) [Pure Trance]
Speed Limits - Petrichor [Enhanced Progressive]
Steve Morley - Only A Heartbeat Away [Tangled Audio]
Steve Nyman & Meyce - Rebirth [Maracaido]
Sunny Lax - Daenerys [Anjunabeats]
Tenishia & Somna feat. Michele C - Show Me A New World [A State Of Trance]
UnderNova - Broken Heart [Levitated]
Will Atkinson - Sharpshooter [Subculture]
Yoel Lewis - Paradox [Enhanced]

9 Grudzień
Max Ivanovsky - Astro [Mistique Music]

10 Grudzień
Matt Lange - There She Goes EP [isoRythm]

11 Grudzień
Coming Soon - Hold Tight, Dream On! [Spin Twist]
Mike Dice - How Deep [Elliptical Sun]

12 Grudzień
Mohamed Ragab feat. Eli - Passionflower [Future Sound Of Egypt]
Paul van Dyk with Aly & Fila feat. Sue McLaren - Guardian [Ultra]
Stuart Millar - Make Believe [Discover Digital]

15 Grudzień
Airbase - Panache [Flashover Trance]
Airscape feat. Peetu S - All Of Us [High Contrast]
Airzoom - The Wolf [Beyond The Stars]
Alexander Turok & Neev Kennedy - Be The Light [How Trance Works]
Allen Watts - Tunnel Vision (Amir Hussain Remix) [Edge EDM]
Andy Elliass & ARCZI - Adieu [Entrance]
Andy Tau & Hilton Caswell - Rush [Infrasonic]
Ariams feat. Roza - Wanna Cut The Roots [Trance All-Stars]
Assaf - Apollyon [Black Sunset]
10. Audiocells feat. Eskova - Breathing [Rolling]
AWD - Wintertide [Enhanced Progressive]
Bardalimov - Flakes / Escape [Alter Ego]
Beatsole - Mystic [Magic Trance]
BluSkay - ReUnited [Molekular Sounds]
Breame & Jack Vath - Arancini Pt.2 [Monster Pure]
C-Systems & Marcel Kennenberg feat. Hanna Finsen - Ultraviolet [Blue Soho]
Changes - M.D.M.A [Liquid Energy Digital]
Cold Blue - Furia [Monster Force]
Dan Stone - Kito [Always Alive]
20. Daniel Skyver - Panic Stations [Grotesque]
Driftmoon vs. Thomas Coastline and Susana - Time To Say Goodbye [Driftmoon Audio]
Feel & Elles De Graaf - Shadows (The Sound of Without You) [Amsterdam Trance]
Fisher & Mike Shiver - Priceless [Black Hole]
FloE - Sector 7 [Entrancing Music]
Genix - Durban / Breather [Anjunabeats]
Gregori Klosman & Askery - Control [Zerothree]
Hazem Beltagui pres. H4Z3 - As The Darkness Comes To Light [Rolling Deep]
James Dymond - Painting With Light [Mental Asylum]
Jayeson Andel & Andrea Willson - Burning / Midnight Mind Flight [Arrival]
30. Jens Jakob - Dark Energy / Elysium [Pharmacy]
Johan Ekman - Bon Voyage [Critical State]
John Manz - Paradise [Cloudland]
Kay-D - Airtight [Mistique Music]
Las Salinas - The Drunken Clam [Vandit]
Lost Witness feat. Three Faces - Eternal [Critical Fusion]
Maor Levi - Deeper Love [Zouk]
MANIK - Far Away / Mulberry [Anjunadeep]
Maywave - Voice Calling [White Soho]
Moonbeam feat. Sopheary - My Heart's Confession [Black Hole]
40. Mr. Pit - Exposure [Coldharbour]
Nick Arbor - Tornado [Digital Society]
Nima Van Ghavim - Zeus EP [Mondo]
Orjan Nilsen - Shenanigans [Armind]
Phablo Mb - Nothing Is Forever [Red Zone]
Progressive Sampler vol. 14 [Alter Ego Progressive]
Protoculture - Everytime You Smile [Armada Captivating]
Relaunch - One Love EP [Lost Language]
Richard Knott - Mantra [Monster Deep]
Ronald van Gelderen feat. Gaelen - I Will Love Again [A State Of Trance]
50. Second Sine - The Harder They Drop [Critical Overload]
Simon Patterson - Whites Of Her Eyes [Perfecto Fluoro]
Sunbrothers - Everything [Magic Island]
Sundrowner - Orion / South Terrace [Saturate Audio]
Tempo Giusto & Jace Headland - Infiltrator [Outburst]

16 Grudzień
Steve Anderson - SAturn 2014 / Let Me Know (Remixes) [Silk Digital]

17 Grudzień
Armin van Buuren - Communication (Paul Oakenfold Full On Fluoro Mix) [Perfecto Fluoro]
Mindset - Phaneron [Elliptical Sun Melodies]

18 Grudzień
Carlin & Fil - Momento [Elliptical Sun]

19 Grudzień
Aly & Fila - The Other Shore - Collabs EP [Future Sound Of Egypt]
Ciro Visone - The Final Battle / A True Story [Defcon]
JayB - Digital Distortion / Plucked Sound [FENology]
John O'Callaghan & Bryan Kearney (O'Callaghan & Kearney) - Exactly (Remixes) [Discover]
RAMiNiO - Remember Me [Lostalgia]
SoundLift - Victorious EP [Abora]
Tomac - Daria [FSOE Excelsior]

22 Grudzień
Airwave feat. Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic - A Simple Day [Mistique Music]
Alex Di Stefano - Ironclad [Techburst]
Andrew Benson - Vivacity / Nouveau [Colorize]
Armin van Buuren - Hystereo (Wach Remix) [WAO138?!]
August Vila - Affirmation [Fraction]
Axis - Lush [Enhanced Progressive]
Bart Claessen - E.T. Astronaut [Playmo Sounds]
Binary Finary feat. Chris Arnott - Symphony Of Mystery [Critical Fusion]
Danny Oh - Soul Symphony [Beyond The Stars]
Dennis Sheperd feat. Chloe Langley - Bring You Home (Remixes) [A Tribute To Life]
Dimension - Ode 2 [ITWT]
DRYM - Panacea [A State Of Trance]
Giuseppe Ottaviani - Liverpool [Black Hole]
Hristian Hristov - The Beginning [Blue Soho]
INOV8 Sampler Vol5 [INOV8]
Jordan Suckley - Elation (Remixes) [Damaged]
Markus Schulz - Collected Remixes Part 2 [Coldharbour]
Michael Badal & Shanokee - Blue Skies [Black Hole]
Mosahar - Zephyr [Silent Shore]
Muska - Static / Tears [Alter Ego Progressive]
O.B.M Notion & Mhammed El Alami - Sunlight Touch [Trance All-Stars]
Omnia feat. Jonny Rose - Two Hands [Armind]
Paul Thomas - Tick Tock [Vandit]
Rick Pier O'Neil - Swim Deep [Bonzai Progressive]
Same K - Diamond [Statement!]
Steve Morley - Forever In My Hearts [Blue Soho]
Sunset & Mino Safy - Prometheus [Club Family]
Tom8 & Sou Kanai - Countless [Alter Ego]
TrancEye - Unloved 2014 (Remixes) [Defcon]
ZANIO feat. Kaiiila - Ever [Incepto Music]
Yang feat. Amy Kirkpatrick - Hearts At War [AVA]

25 Grudzień
Cj Arthur - Phaeton [Elliptical Sun]
Nicolas T - Tranceformation [Somerhold]

26 Grudzień
Farhad Mahdavi - Blue Rose [Abora]
John Askew Bootleg & Remixes [Discover White Label]
Tom 8 - Drop [Discover Deep]

28 Grudzień
Chris Voro - Penumbra [Research & Development]

29 Grudzień
4 Strings & Katty Heath - Hold In Silence [ Raz Nitzan Music]
Adam Ellis - Aulus [Pure Trance]
Alfoa - Karma [Welcome Music]
Colonial One feat. Eva Kade - Where You Are [GO On Air]
Dreamy - Triggered [Trance All-Stars]
Future Antics - Dark Angel [Monster Force]
Lunar 3 - Reboot [Monster Pure]
Maarten de Jong & Faruk Sabanci - Fett [Vandit]
Matt Skyer - Necromancy [Mental Asylum]
Miroslav Vrlik & Abide - Lights In The Heaven [Silent Shore]
Nikolauss - Callisto [Trancer]
Nuaro & Scenica - Hydrate [Synchronized Melodies]
Rubi Heller - Picture Of The Day [Aria]
Skydiver - Walking On The Edge [Gravity Tunes]
Sky Flight & Allen Ma - Journal De Voyage [Beyond The Stars]
Tycoos feat. Igor Surazakov - Back To The Past [Synchronized Melodies]
Will Atkinson - Harvester [Kearnage]
Will Atkinson - Sharpshooter (Khen Remix) [Subculture]
Tommy Reid - Eclipse [Synchronized Music]

30 Grudzień
Liquid Soul - Faith [Iboga]
SeamLess Beat - Closure [Mistique Music]



1 Grudzień
Majera - Tomorrow Never Was [Touchstone]
Vincenzo - The Vanishing Years [Anjunadeep]

12 Grudzień
Shogun - Dragon [Armada]



1 Grudzień
Monster Tunes Best of 2014 - Mixed by Allen Watts [Monster Tunes]

19 Grudzień
Armin van Buuren - A State Of Trance Year Mix 2014 [Cloud 9 Music]

VeB! :)


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wyszło dzisiaj :)
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